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The Syngenta media corner is dedicated to meeting the needs of media professionals seeking information on Syngenta.

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  • Future of climate resilient rice

    Thought leadership

    Rice is a daily source of nutrition for billions of people in Asia. It is also an important source of income for close to 400 million smallholder farmers in the region. So many...

  • Let’s Talk Ag

    Thought leadership

    Growing up, I never had to worry about getting my next meal, and I would like the same for my children and the future generations.

  • Healthy soil – healthy crops #SoilCare

    Thought leadership

    Healthy soil is the foundation of healthy crops. This may seem obvious, but it is only in the recent past that a widespread focus on soil health is acknowledged as a fundamental...

  • Future of Agriculture Technology

    Thought leadership

    Many countries are facing growing levels of food insecurity. What needs to change?

    Over the past year at Syngenta I’ve had the chance to witness major shifts in this regi...

  • Rosita countering crop viruses with technology

    Thought leadership

    Globally, plant pests and diseases are responsible for up to 40% of food production losses every year. Increased climate change activity will lead to more outbreaks of pests and...

  • Its OK not to be OK

    Thought leadership

    Anyone experiencing mental health challenges deserves our care, understanding and compassion. Often, people struggling with mental health problems will try to conceal this for f...

  • A conversation with our ‘Women in Commercial’

    Thought leadership

    It’s not often that I get to host a panel discussion as spirited as the one I hosted earlier this month with 5 incredibly talented and courageous women from Syngenta APAC Commer...

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